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The Story of Baccarat

A popular casino card game, but there are actually three versions of baccarat: Punto Banco, Chemin de Fer and Baccarat Banque. Like blackjack, Baccarat is a card game played between the player and the dealer. The winner scores the highest value hand which can be no higher than nine. Any face cards hold a value of zero, aces are one point and jokers are not used. The rest of the cards use the value of the number on their face.

Each hand is valued by taking the sum of the hand of cards, and then using only the number on the right; a hand containing a 6 and 7 would therefore be valued at 3, the sum being 13.

The Beginning

The game originated in France where it was developed in the 15th Century by the gambler Felix Falguiere, though some believe the game wasn’t developed until much later in the 19th century. The 15th century game named Baccara was in fact based on an old Roman ritual where Nine Gods worshipped a virgin. She would throw a nine-sided die and the number on the surface would determine her fate. Baccarat was thus designed along these lines, where the outcome of the player is determined by the value of the hand. Any hand that has no value is called a baccarat. Originally this game was exclusive to the French aristocracy, but over time it made its way to casinos and has now become very popular.

The Online Version

With the arrival of the Internet, its accessibility grew and it is now possible to play baccarat online in many forms. At Thrills casino we offer a number of live baccarat games. With a VIP option there is also a version of Baccarat Squeeze where players will get a peek at a card. This version is very popular in Macau, and this Live Squeeze version emulates that environment.

The Variations

Over time the different variants of baccarat emerged. Punto Banco for example is more a game of chance then strategy, and it’s the most popular of the three. Its fixed playing rules and relatively easy gameplay makes it a good game to play in a casino environment. Chemin de Fer and Banque on the other hand, require both skill and strategy in order to win, making it more appealing for the experienced player.